Both figurative and abstract work usually done in mixed media.When there is figuration the glitz and glamor strong presence of our decadent time. In the portraits sketched a typical ‘contemporary’ image. A minimum of lines, colors and textures suggest a maximum. The figurative work is essentially abstract too; By addition of a few touches dominates the recognition again. The creativity of the viewer itself, makes itself particularly excite. The experiment is continuously applied in materials or workmanship.
The non-figurative work is a series of structures and colors. Attempts are being made to put down so uninhibited without purpose, purely by feel a thing on canvas or paper.

Happen then very diverse and often unexpected things from which a selection can be made. In this way work is strongly determines the atmosphere and gives an incentive to continue searching during the process.


Besides the many fictional portraits, in which complete freedom can benefit work, There can also be ordered portraits on commission, entirely on the basis of photographs, by you or provided by me. The model are therefore no longer necessary. Also, your beloved deceased can be an artistic memory.

The portraits can be accomplished in a variety of materials and techniques; But always thought from my own style. This style is attempted on a non-academic (classical) way to create a painted portrait, which is open as possible in a very direct way the person’s soul, and so that an attempt is made to show as much as possible with very little (“More is Less”).

Series: ‘Masquerade’
Starting from my own existing work this theme is again taken to task. The hide behind a ‘face‘ has become a very common phenomenon. True or false does hardly matter. All this leads to surprising results. Whether there is actually a mask or the hidden face is trying to be herself, I leave that to the viewer. It is a rewarding subject that particularly fascinates me.

Series: ‘Frisian Queen’      Currently I am working with large portraits of the phenomenon of ‘Doutzen’

Digital techniques on Japanese rice paper. (Mono Giclée) 

Giclée (dzjieklee)
A giclée is one in the United States developed new printing technique using an ink jet printer. After the screen printing is the latest graphical technique used by many artists.

The term ‘Giclee’ comes from the French verb “gicler” which jets or spray means. In this printing technique, use is made of continuous ink jets entered by different color layers on the paper.
Artist Jack Duganne gave in 1991 ‘Giclee’ name to this new printing process.
With pigmented inks can be obtained a color fastness of 100 years or more according to the latest studies.

For the manufacture of a giclée the art must first be “digitized”. It is then also possible to use this technique for work that directly projected onto a screen or is edited by means of graphical programs. Each Giclee manually signed and numbered by the artist. If a digital work is not in circulation but only once printed we speak of a ‘mono Giclee

The technique of mono Giclee been used for many years by myself in the unique digital operations on Japanese rice paper.

Art possesses to achieve for anyone?
For several years running it successfully our own art-buying scheme.

The scheme works as follows:
Suppose you would like to purchase a work of art and you have found something with us what you like; However, the price is for you too much at once…… and you decide to go first save, you run the risk that by the time you collect the money the artwork is sold….. that’s a pity!

I offer you the possibility to finance the work through us. You then pay such an amount of € 50, -. P.m. You can then get immediately available on loan the work until the last payment has been made. You do not wait until you have saved up the money for you to enjoy your purchase! Incidentally, we do not charge any interest or fees! Please ask for our scheme.

To put an offer…
At present works in the gallery or in my home, there should always be a bid for. Basically everything is for sale (and negotiation possible).