do you like my portraits?

I offer you the opportunity to feel free to fully realize a portrait of you or your loved ones.

This can be arranged through the contact page.

Again, this can be arranged by e-mail:


The following steps are important:

1 * Find or create a clear portrait of the person to be painted.

Several photos show a greater choice of course more possibilities.

The photos must have a high resolution (min .: 150 to 300 dpi.); This in order to see details right!

Preferably no ‘Prodent’-smile or forced funny pose.

Here too, the better the picture … the better the portrait! The photo is my starting point and only gripe!

2 * Choose from my site: ranked 1 to 5, the painted portraits that appeal to you the most.

Include in your email the numbers below the images from my site.

You may et seq. Indicate what you will find additional important …      eg .: colors you do / do not want to see.

3*  In principe, any size you wish to achieve…  however standard sizes preferred.

A portrait fits ideally in a vertical format eg .: H. x Br. ± 30 x 20 cm. ± 40 x 30 cm. (A4, A3, A2.etc.)

A double (two in one size) I’m only on special request … (can cause problems in case of a division!)

4 * The choice of paper or canvas is dependent on the technique and sizing.

There is a difference in price on the techniques and materials!

5 * If the above points by mail received by me, I can confirm.

Possibly I ask you to have more choice if I give if necessary, advice regarding the pictures.

If I agree with the photos, you can confirm the order, so I can then start painting the portrait …

You’re still committed to anything! Only when you are completely satisfied with the results you get from me an invoice.


Technique: My work I make a mixed media (acrylic, watercolor, ink, charcoal and pigments.)

I also make of previously painted portraits digital processing in large format on Japanese rice paper.


Prices from: € 275,-

* I will give you a discount when ordering multiple portraits!

* After a deposit of 20%, the rest can be paid per month. (without interest!)